Volume Masterclass

Russian Volume individual Lashes - just one of the techniques you can learn on the 2 day Volume Masterclass

  • Volume Techniques with Nouveau Lashes master traininers
  • Recommended retail price: £80
  • Volume Lashes last approximately 8 weeks when applied correctly - we'll show you how
  • Infills recommended every three weeks to maintain the Volume look


  • Multi lash pickup and place methods
  • New superfine lashes, designed specifically for Russian Volume style treatments
  • Beyond black, learn how to incorporate colour for the ultimate in pro results
  • Combine volume with upper and lower lash styling and eye correction - essential for true Master Level lashes
  • Advanced maintenance and in-fill techniques
  • Volume aftercare for clients - products and methods for maximising lash health and ensuring happy clients

This master level, intensive lash training module has been combined to provide you with a range of skills. Volume techniques form the foundation of the course, however, these are supplemented with lash styling, correctional and colour techniques.

Master a palette of skills enabling you to deliver the best results for any client.

This course is open to all qualified lash professionals. If you are not Nouveau Lashes trained a conversion course is required.

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volume techniques masterclass
Course Duration: Two day - all assessments are during class: practical assessments of skill demonstrated during application of Volume Lashes
Course Costs: £499 + VAT
Course Syllabus:
  • Understand lash curls, colours and thicknesses used in advanced lash styling and volume work
  • How to apply up to 8 lashes per natural lash
  • How to correctly create a fan from 2 - 8 lash extensions for application to a single lash, using our multi-lash pickup and place techniques
  • Learn open-eye techniques for lower lash application
  • Benefits of using advanced adhesives for superb Russian Volume style lash retention
  • Learn about the specialist equipment and tools that can be used for advanced lash styling and volume results
  • Aftercare and lash cleansing methods recommended for clients with Volume Lashes
  • How to apply the principles of colour theory to lash selection and application
  • How to contrast or complement eye colours, what colours to use and when to use them
  • Using a variety of lash styling and volume techniques to deliver uniques outcomes for every client
Prerequisites Completion of Nouveau Lashes Extend Training or Conversion course if trained elsewhere
Primary Retail Products:
  • Lash & Brow Tool - RRP £22.50
  • Mascara Wands (pack of 25) - RRP £14.99
  • Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum - RRP £19.99
  • Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser - RRP £14.99
  • Lash Extension Remover - RRP £10
  • Eye Make-Up Remover - RRP £14.99
Key learning points:
  • The lash curls, colours and thicknesses used in advanced lash styling and volume work
  • The skill of creating and applying fans from 2-8 lashes, using multi-lash pick-up and place techniques
  • Open-eye techniques for lower lash application
  • Specialist equipment and tools for advanced lash styling and volume results
  • The principles of colour theory and how to apply them to lash selection and application
  • Styling and volume tricks for creating individual looks
  • Techniques for superb Russian volume lash retention
  • Multi-lash methods for advanced lash maintenance and in-fills
  • The particular aftercare and lash cleansing methods recommended for clients with volume lashes
Training Locations: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee

The Nouveau Training Standard

Industry-leading training

  • Expert training from the leaders of the lash industry
  • Purpose built-training facilities across Scotland
  • Starter kit of market-leading products, so you can start earning straight away
  • All courses are insurer-approved and offer high CPD point values
  • The highest standards of technique, hygiene and commercial skills, so you can be confident when you return to your salon

Support to grow your business

  • Exclusive marketing materials to promote your lash treatments
  • Ongoing technical and business support
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