Ultimate Technician

When you become a Nouveau ultimate lash technician you will have the skills to cater for every client's lash desires.

Our Ultimate Technician status provides you with the technical and commercial skills to attract the widest possible range of lash customers and combines three leading lash treatments into one - Nouveau Extend, nouveau express and LVL Enhance - removing the expense and complexity of training in multiple single treatments. During the intensive 5-day course split over two sessions, our team of lash specialists will instill the confidence to put your new skills into practice straight away.

Train in Three Lash Treatments:

  • In-depth foundation theory home-study module
  • FREE five-day practical training split across two sessions
  • Master Nouveau Lashes Extend, Express Lashes, and LVL Enhance, our revolutionary natural lash treatment
  • Expert training from the leaders in the lash industry
  • For the first time, the ability to offer every client the lashes they long for
  • An uncapped opportunity to grow your business

What your Ultimate training includes

Foundation Theory Home Study.

From anatomy of the eye through to lash theory, this in-depth comprehensive home study provides the background to kick-start your practical training.

Lash extensions module - 3 days

Two days pratical training, case study development followed by one day to complete your training

  • Master applying semi-permanent lash extensions using our unique weight-for-weight guidance exclusive to Nouveau Lashes. For the ultimate professional finish nd ensuring your clients' lashes remain healthy
  • Lasts up to eight weeks with our recommended infill maintenance routine
  • Premium treatment taking up to 90 minutes
  • Perfect for regular salon goers who want fuller lashes 24/7
  • Training skills include using primary lash curls, weights and lengths; lash mapping; use of professional adhesives and bonding techniques along with lash cleansing, maintenance and removal procedures

Express Lashes module - 1 day

Lashes in minutes.

  • Longer, thicker lashes in an instant. Using strip lashes, individual lashes or lash fillers (superior to clusters)
  • Lasts from 1 day to 2 weeks (dependent on treatment type)
  • Quick treatment time – around 20 minutes
  • Affordable and accessible – ideal for clients who want lashes quickly or for a short time
  • Perfect for occasions and holidays
  • An intensive 1 day class where you will learn express lash application techniques. Perfect your skills across volume techniques, lash weights and lengths.

Enhances: LVL Lashes - 1 day

A natural solution.

  • Exclusive to Nouveau Lashes – LVL is the revolutionary treatment taking the industry by storm
  • Adds length, volume and lift to natural lashes. Ideal for those seeking a natural finish
  • No mascara or extensions
  • Lasts 6-8 weeks /40 minute treatment
  • Low maintenance, wide client appeal and high repeat sales results
  • LVL training involves straightening the lash from the root, rather than curling, creating the illusion of longer, thicker lashes

The Nouveau Training Standard

Industry-leading training

  • Expert training from the leaders of the lash industry
  • Purpose built-training facilities across Scotland
  • Starter kit of market-leading products, so you can start earning straight away
  • All courses are insurer-approved and offer high CPD point values
  • The highest standards of technique, hygiene and commercial skills, so you can be confident when you return to your salon

Support to grow your business

  • Exclusive marketing materials to promote your lash treatments
  • Ongoing technical and business support
  • Listing on the Nouveau Lashes Salon Finder – advertising to thousands of potential new clients
  • Access to our online Resource Hub, allowing you to download marketing materials to help you promote your LVL Enhance treatment
Course Duration: Five days
Course Costs: Introductory offer: only £995
Purchace the Ultimate Lash Starter kit for only £995 and get all your traning free.
Course Syllabus: Foundation theory module: Comprehensive home study
Stage 1 - 3 days
Part A: day 1 & day 2
LVL Enhance complete module: day 3
Stage 2 - 2 days
Extend Part B: day 1
Express Complete module: day 2
Key learning points: Find out more
  • Skills in multiple lash treatments
  • Offer a treatment portfolio that appeals to every client, no matter what lashes they long for
  • An understanding of the preparatory knowledge, products & techniques
  • Health & Safety
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Consultation skills and marketing
  • Learn how to professionaly apply individual semi-permanent lash extensions using Nouveau Lashes exclusive weight-for-weight technique
  • Lash cleansing, maintenance and removal procedures
  • Lash mapping techniques
  • Use of Nouveau Lashes primary adhesives and bonding techniques
  • Use of lash curls, weights and lengths
  • Learn how to enhance natural lashes
  • Cover all three Nouveau Lash Express Lash techniques, Nouveau Lashes Express Lash application (20 minute technique)
  • Nouveau Lashes filler lash application (10 minute technique)
  • Nouveau Lashes strip lash application (5 minute technique)
Training Locations: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee
Kit Contents: Find out more

All the products you need in one ultimate kit. From preparation and hygiene, through to application and aftercare.

  • 160 cotton wool pads
  • 75 protein pads
  • 1 prolash tool
  • 100 mini combs
  • 100 mini brushes
  • 200 micri-fibre brushes
  • 50 eye pads
  • 1 eye makeup remover
  • 100 micro cups
  • 10 rings
  • 100 head bonnets
  • 50 hygenic face masks
  • 1 micri-pore tape
  • 1 transpore tape
  • 10 sterile eye wash
  • 100 disinfectant wipes
  • 1 purell hand santiser
  • 2 fine point tweezers
  • 1 holster
  • 1 neck pillow
  • 50 trays (large)
  • 1 tint / blue-black
  • 1 tint / black
  • 1 tint / brown
  • 1 tint developer
  • 1 tint remover
  • 1 tint mixing pot
  • 15 lifiting balm
  • 15 volumising fix
  • 15 moisturising serum
  • 5 shields / small (pairs)
  • 5 shields / medium (pairs)
  • 5 shields / large (pairs)
  • 2 bonding gel
  • 7 conditioning serum
  • 7 silk lash extensions J Curl (various)
  • 11 silk lash extensions B Curl (various)
  • 1 pro5 adhesive
  • 1 pro10 adhesive
  • 1 pro15 adhesive
  • 1 pro sealant
  • 3 coating sealant clear
  • 3 coating sealant black
  • 1 adhesive remover gel
  • 1 strip lash adhesive
  • 12 strip lashes (various)
  • 4 lash fillers (various)
  • 50 client consultation cards
  • 50 client record cards
  • 50 LVL patch test instructions
  • 50 pre-treatment advice cards
  • 50 aftercare advice cards
  • Promotional materials
    • A1 poster
    • A2 poster
    • Strut card
    • Tent card
    • 50 consumer leaflets
    • Window sticker